Sikkim-More Than What One knows best. Sikkim-more than what one knows chords. Watched all the 4 parts of your vlog and wanted you to know that it is really amazing. How you portrayed North Sikkim was so good and those view from drones, wow ! Damn I miss home. I really like this kind of videos. Tove Lo's Stay High has a video like this too idk it feels like you live in those moments... After the song.

Sikkim-more than what one knows one

Sikkim-more than what one knows is right. Sikkim-more than what one knows song. I'm from Gangtok and your videos are so amazing! Those editing. just superb👌 you should visit west sikkim as well. Axwell:what we should name this song? Ingrosso:More than you know Axwell:Perfect. Sikkim-More Than What One know what love. Sikkim-more than what one knows us. Sikkim-more than what one knows lyrics. Watching this after my trip to North Sikkim. Initially i felt the same for Yumthang, but zero point was awesome, most worth mentioning is the Jilebi and Samosa by Soldiers. Overall North Sikkim is heaven. Sikkim-More Than What One know now. References Socrates Garth Kemerling's insightful discussion of Socrates contains many links to concepts and people. Who Was Socrates? Michael S. Russo provides a clear commentary to Socrates' life and ideas. The Apology The mind altering depiction of the trial of Socrates. really, this work changed the world and if you read it well it will change you too. The Apology: Study Questions To think about and look for when reading the original text. Delphic Oracle Socrates make important references to the oracle. learn about this remarkable aspect of history from Scientific American magazine. Dr. J's Illustrated Apology A detailed analysis of the trial of Socrates. and The Apology Lecture notes by Janice Siegel II Socratic Ignorance: It is important to note that Socrates himself did not claim to know better than others. In the above listed dialogues he frequently emphases that he is ignorant of the answer. The importance of this helps to draw the line between dogma and genuine philosophy. It is one thing to state one's opinion of how things are and should be. Powerful institutions such as religions and political systems are built upon such dogmas and the demands that others abide by them. Socrates, on the other hand, started from a position of ignorance and sought the truth. In the end, he has no dogmatic program for us to follow, just a method for seeking the truth for ourselves, without any guarantee that we will find it. Philosophy as practiced by Socrates is an open system. In Apology by Plato, Socrates explains why he follows his philosophical path, even to his death [note: apology" implies not admission of guilt but an intention to give justification for some action or position. The ancient Greeks had a sacred temple in Delphi. In the temple was a woman who was said to be possessed by the gods and able to get answers from them. Chaerephon traveled to Delphi to ask the Oracle. Who is the wisest of men? The answer came back that " No one is wiser than Socrates. " Socrates explains to the court; When I heard the answer, I said to myself, What can the god mean? and what is the interpretation of this riddle? for I know that I have no wisdom, small or great. What can he mean when he says that I am the wisest of men? And yet he is a god and cannot lie; that would be against his nature. After a long consideration, I at last thought of a method of trying the question. I reflected that if I could only find a man wiser than myself, then I might go to the god with a refutation in my hand. I should say to him, Here is a man who is wiser than I am; but you said that I was the wisest. Accordingly I went to one who had the reputation of wisdom, and observed to him - his name I need not mention; he was a politician whom I selected for examination - and the result was as follows: When I began to talk with him, I could not help thinking that he was not really wise, although he was thought wise by many, and wiser still by himself; and I went and tried to explain to him that he thought himself wise, but was not really wise; and the consequence was that he hated me, and his enmity was shared by several who were present and heard me. So I left him, saying to myself, as I went away: Well, although I do not suppose that either of us knows anything really beautiful and good, I am better off than he is - for he knows nothing, and thinks that he knows. I neither know nor think that I know. In this latter particular, then, I seem to have slightly the advantage of him. Then I went to another, who had still higher philosophical pretensions, and my conclusion was exactly the same. I made another enemy of him, and of many others besides him. therefore I asked myself on behalf of the oracle, whether I would like to be as I was, neither having their knowledge nor their ignorance, or like them in both; and I made answer to myself and the oracle that I was better off as I was. In this excerpt we find a key to the Socrates and the philosophical tradition that he gave birth to. When he finds that the experts are just as ignorant about what things really are, he reasons; I do not suppose that either of us knows anything really beautiful and good, I am better off than he is - for he knows nothing, and thinks that he knows. I neither know nor think that I know. Socrates concludes that it is better to have honest ignorance than self-deceptive ignorance. Socrates may not know the ultimate answers to the questions he raises, but he knows himself. It is this self-knowledge and integrity that constitutes the wisdom of Socrates. The open invitation is for all of us to ask ourselves how much we truly know of what we claim. Next - learn more about the ideas of Socratic Philosophy.


Home > Content Index > God > Our Response to God > Knowing God Question: What is the key to truly knowing God? Answer: Within all of us there exists a strong desire to be known and to know others. More importantly, all people desire to know their Creator, even if they are not professed believers in God. Today we are bombarded with advertising that promises many ways to satisfy our cravings to know more, have more, be more. However, the empty promises that come from the world will never satisfy in the way that knowing God will satisfy. Jesus said, Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent" John 17:3. So, what is the key to truly knowing God. First, it is imperative to understand that man, on his own, is incapable of truly knowing God because of mans sinfulness. The Scriptures reveal to us that we are all sinful (Romans 3) and that we fall well short of the standard of holiness required to commune with God. We are also told that the consequence of our sin is death (Romans 6:23) and that we will perish eternally without God unless we accept and receive the promise of Jesus sacrifice on the cross. So, in order to truly know God, we must first receive Him into our lives. "As many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name" John 1:12. Nothing is of greater importance than understanding this truth when it comes to knowing God. Jesus makes it clear that He alone is the way to heaven and to a personal knowledge of God: I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me" John 14:6. There is no requirement to begin this journey besides accepting and receiving the promises mentioned above. Jesus came to breathe life into us by offering Himself as a sacrifice so our sins will not prevent us from knowing God. Once we have received this truth, we can begin the journey of knowing God in a personal way. One of the key ingredients in this journey is understanding that the Bible is Gods Word and is His revelation of Himself, His promises, His will. The Bible is essentially a love letter written to us from a loving God who created us to know Him intimately. What better way to learn about our Creator than to immerse ourselves in His Word, revealed to us for this very reason? And it is important to continue this process throughout the entire journey. Paul writes to Timothy, But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have become convinced of, because you know those from whom you learned it, and how from infancy you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work" 2 Timothy 3:14-16. Finally, truly knowing God involves our commitment to obey what we read in the Scriptures. After all, we were created to do good works (Ephesians 2:10) in order to be part of Gods plan of continuing to reveal Himself to the world. We carry the responsibility to live out the very faith that is required to know God. We are salt and light on this earth (Matthew 5:13-14) designed to bring Gods flavor to the world and to serve as a shining light in the midst of darkness. Not only must we read and understand Gods Word, we must apply it obediently and remain faithful (Hebrews 12:1-3. Jesus Himself placed the greatest importance on loving God with all we are and loving our neighbor as ourselves (Matthew 22. This command is impossible to keep without the commitment to reading and applying His truth revealed in His Word. These are the keys to truly knowing God. Of course, our lives will involve much more, such as commitment to prayer, devotion, fellowship, and worship. But those can only follow making a decision to receive Jesus and His promises into our lives and accepting that we, on our own, cannot truly know God. Then our lives can be filled with God, and we can experience knowing Him intimately and personally. Recommended Resource: Knowing God by J. I. Packer More insights from your Bible study - Get Started with Logos Bible Software for Free! Related Topics: Knowing Jesus vs. knowing about Jesus—what is the difference? What are the different names of God and what do they mean? How can I get to know God better? Who is the unknown god in Acts 17:23? What does it mean that God is infinite? Return to: Questions about God Return to: Home What is the key to truly knowing God.

As well as the familiar equals sign. it is also very useful to show if something is not equal to (≠) greater than. or less than. These are the important signs to know: When two values are equal we use the "equals" sign example: 2+2 = 4 ≠ When two values are definitely not equal we use the "not equal to" sign example: 2+2 ≠ 9 < When one value is smaller than another we use a "less than" sign example: 3 < 5 > When one value is bigger than another use a "greater than" sign example: 9 > 6 Less Than and Greater Than The "less than" sign and the "greater than" sign look like a "V" on its side, don't they? To remember which way around the. and. signs go, just remember: BIG > small small < BIG The "small" end always points to the smaller number, like this: Greater Than Symbol: BIG > small Example: 10 > 5 "10 is greater than 5" Or the other way around: 5 < 10 "5 is less than 10" Do you see how the symbol "points at" the smaller value. Or Equal To... Sometimes we know a value is smaller, but may also be equal to! Example, a jug can hold up to 4 cups of water. So how much water is in it? It could be 4 cups or it could be less than 4 cups: So until we measure it, all we can say is "less than or equal to " 4 cups. To show this, we add an extra line at the bottom of the "less than" or "greater than" symbol like this: The "less than or equal to " sign: ≤ The "greater than or equal to " sign: ≥ All The Symbols Here is a summary of all the symbols: Symbol Words Example Use = equals 1 + 1 = 2 ≠ not equal to 1 + 1 ≠ 1 > greater than 5 > 2 < less than 7 < 9 ≥ greater than or equal to marbles ≥ 1 ≤ less than or equal to dogs ≤ 3 Why Use Them? Because there are things we do not know exactly. but can still say something about. So we have ways of saying what we do know (which may be useful! Example: John had 10 marbles, but lost some. How many has he now? Answer: He must have less than 10: Marbles < 10 If John still has some marbles we can also say he has greater than zero marbles: Marbles > 0 But if we thought John could have lost all his marbles we would say Marbles ≥ 0 In other words, the number of marbles is greater than or equal to zero. Combining We can sometimes say two (or more) things on the one line: Example: Becky starts with 10, buys something and says "I got change, too. How much did she spend? Answer: Something greater than 0 and less than 10 (but NOT 0 or 10) What Becky Spends. 0 "What Becky Spends. 10 This can be written down in just one line: 0. What Becky Spends. 10 That says that 0 is less than "What Becky Spends" in other words "What Becky Spends" is greater than 0) and what Becky Spends is also less than 10. Notice that. was flipped over to. when we put it before what Becky spends. Always make sure the small end points to the small value. Changing Sides We saw in that previous example that when we change sides we flipped the symbol as well. This: Becky Spends > 0 (Becky spends greater than 0) is the same as this: 0 < Becky Spends (0 is less than what Becky spends) Just make sure the small end points to the small value! Here is another example using "≥ " and "≤ " Example: Becky has 10 and she is going shopping. How much will she spend (without using credit) Answer: Something greater than, or possibly equal to, 0 and less than, or possibly equal to, 10: Becky Spends ≥ 0 Becky Spends ≤ 10 0 ≤ Becky Spends ≤ 10 A Long Example: Cutting Rope Here is an interesting example I thought of: Example: Sam cuts a 10m rope into two. How long is the longer piece? How long is the shorter piece? Answer: Let us call the longer length of rope " L. and the shorter length " S " L must be greater than 0m (otherwise it isn't a piece of rope) and also less than 10m: L > 0 L < 10 So: 0 < L < 10 That says that L (the Longer length of rope) is between 0 and 10 (but not 0 or 10) The same thing can be said about the shorter length " S " 0 < S < 10 But I did say there was a "shorter" and "longer" length, so we also know: S < L (Do you see how neat mathematics is? Instead of saying "the shorter length is less than the longer length" we can just write " S < L " We can combine all of that like this: 0 < S < L < 10 That says a lot: 0 is less that the short length, the short length is less than the long length, the long length is less than 10. Reading "backwards" we can also see: 10 is greater than the long length, the long length is greater than the short length, the short length is greater than 0. It also lets us see that "S" is less than 10 (by "jumping over" the "L. and even that 0<10 (which we know anyway) all in one statement. NOW, I have one more trick. If Sam tried really hard he might be able to cut the rope EXACTLY in half, so each half is 5m, but we know he didn't because we said there was a "shorter" and "longer" length, so we also know: S<5 and L>5 We can put that into our very neat statement here: 0 < S < 5 < L < 10 And IF we thought the two lengths MIGHT be exactly 5 we could change that to 0 < S ≤ 5 ≤ L < 10 An Example Using Algebra OK, this example may be complicated if you don't know Algebra, but I thought you might like to see it anyway: Example: What is x+3, when we know that x is greater than 11? If x > 11, then x+3 > 14 (Imagine that "x" is the number of people at your party. If there are more than 11 people at your party, and 3 more arrive, then there must be more than 14 people at your party now...

Sikkim-More Than What One know. Sikkim-more than what one knows best. Sikkim-more than what one knows like. I listened to this song for 149 hours this year - spotify wrapped. 1:19 the flag of Romania. Sikkim-more than what one knows. This post has been updated with a couple more examples that have come to our attention. "I understand the tax laws better than almost anyone, which is why I'm the one who can truly fix them. Donald Trump claimed Monday in Colorado. It is one of many issues on which Trump is one of the world's foremost experts, according to Trump. In fact, you might say he's the best at being a self-proclaimed expert. Below is a list of the many things about which Trump says he knows more than just about anybody. Even for a guy who's fond of hyperbole, it's a lot to take in. 1) Renewables " I know more about renewables than any human being on Earth. — April 2016 2) Social media "I understand social media. I understand the power of Twitter. I understand the power of Facebook maybe better than almost anybody, based on my results, right. —  November 2015 3) Debt "Nobody knows more about debt. I'm like the king. I love debt. — May 2016 4) Taxes, again "I think nobody knows more about taxes than I do, maybe in the history of the world. Nobody knows more about taxes. —  May 2016 I know our complex tax laws better than anyone who has ever run for president and am the only one who can fix them. #failing @nytimes — Donald J. Trump ( realDonaldTrump) October 2, 2016 "Nobody knows more about taxes than I do. and income than I do. ”. May 2016 5) Banking "Nobody knows banking better than I do" — February 2016 6) Wall Street bankers MATT LAUER: You're a guy who said you know the Wall Street bankers better than anyone. TRUMP: Better than anyone. — April 2016 on NBC's "Today" show 7) Money "I understand money better than anybody. I understand it far better than Hillary, and I'm way up on the economy when it comes to questions on the economy. — June 2016 8) The U. S. system of government "I think nobody knows the system better than I do. — August 2016 "I am a person that used to be establishment when I'd give them hundreds of thousands of dollars. But when I decided to run, I became very anti-establishment, because I understand the system than anybody else. — July 2016 "Nobody knows the system better than I do. — April 2016 9) Campaign contributions "I used to be, George, the fair-haired boy — you know, when I was a contributor. I know more about contributions than anybody. — November 2015 10) Politicians " Nobody knows politicians better than Donald Trump. — February 2016 rally 11) Sen. Cory Booker If Cory Booker is the future of the Democratic Party, they have no future! I know more about Cory than he knows about himself. — Donald J. Trump ( realDonaldTrump) July 26, 2016 (We're putting this on the list assuming that nobody ELSE knows more about Booker than Booker, which would make Trump the world's foremost non-Cory Booker expert on Cory Booker. 12) Trade "Nobody knows more about trade than me. — March 2016 13) Jobs I hope all workers demand that their @Teamsters reps endorse Donald J. Trump. Nobody knows jobs like I do! Dont let them sell you out! — Donald J. Trump ( realDonaldTrump) January 8, 2016 14) Infrastructure "Nobody in the history of this country has ever known so much about infrastructure as Donald Trump. — July 2016 15) The military "There's n obody bigger or better at the military than I am. — June 2015 Fox News interview 16) ISIS "I know more about ISIS [the Islamic State militant group] than the generals do. Believe me. — November 2015 17) Defense — and offense "So a general gets on, sent obviously by Obama, and he said, Mr. Trump doesn't understand. He knows nothing about defense. '  I know more about offense and defense than they will ever understand, believe me. Than they will ever understand. — July 2016 18) The 'horror of nuclear' There is nobody who understands the horror of nuclear more than me. June 2016 19) The visa system "Because nobody knows the system better than me. I know the H1B. I know the H2B. Nobody knows it better than me. March 2016.

Random person : How many 2019 have you seen in other videos ? Me : More than you know... There is no one definition of virginity. For some, being a virgin means you havent had any kind of penetrative sex — whether thats vaginal, anal, or even oral. Others may define virginity as never engaging in vaginal penetration with a penis, despite having had other types of sex, including oral stimulation and anal penetration. However you define it, the most important thing to remember is that you decide when youre ready to have sex and that youre comfortable with that choice. And when that time comes, try not to think of it as “losing” or “giving” something away. Youre actually gaining a whole new experience. Many people believe the only way to “lose” your virginity is through vaginal penetration with a penis, but thats not the case. Some people may no longer call themselves a virgin after engaging in anal penetration or penetration with a finger or sex toy. Others may reconsider their virginity status after receiving or giving oral stimulation. When it comes to virginity and sex, theres so much more than just P in V. Oh, the hymen — the stuff of legend. Youve probably heard the myth that if you have a hymen, it will break during vaginal penetration. But thats all that is: a myth. The average hymen isnt a piece of flat tissue that covers the vaginal opening, like the myth claims. Instead, its usually a loose — and not at all intact — piece of tissue that hangs around the vagina. Depending on its size, a hymen can be torn during penetrative sex, exercise, or some other physical activity. But it wont “pop, ” because it simply cant. Your hymen — like your finger or your ear — is just a body part. It doesnt determine whether or not youre a virgin any more than your toes do. Plus, not everyone is born with a hymen, and if they are, it may be a very small piece of tissue. You — and you alone — decide the status of your virginity. Your body doesnt change after you have sex for the first time — or second, or third, or fiftieth. However, you will experience certain physiological reactions related to sexual arousal. This may include: swollen vulva erect penis rapid breathing sweating flushed skin These arousal-related responses are only temporary. Your body isnt changing — its just responding to the stimulus. After youre finished having sex, your body will slowly return to its regular state. But this cooldown period only lasts a few minutes. In other words, theres no way another person would know that youre no longer a virgin. The only way they would know is if you decide to tell them. Everyone experiences sex differently. But you shouldnt expect your first time to be like what you see in the movies. Sex scenes in film and television dont happen in one take — actors often have to reposition themselves, and directors may reshoot certain parts so that the scene looks good on camera. This means that what you see on the silver screen typically isnt a realistic picture of what sex is like for most people. Its completely normal to feel uncomfortable the first time you have sex. Friction may happen with penetration, and that could cause discomfort. But your first time shouldnt hurt. If having sex does hurt, though, that could be because of a lack of lubrication, or possibly a medical condition, such as endometriosis. You should see a doctor if you experience pain every time you have sex. They can assess your symptoms and help treat any underlying conditions. If you have a vagina, you may produce lubrication — or become “wet” — naturally. But sometimes, there may not be enough vaginal lubrication to reduce friction during penetration. Using lube can help make vaginal intercourse more comfortable by minimizing irritation. If youre engaging in anal penetration, lube is an absolute must; the anus doesnt produce lubrication of its own, and penetration without lubrication can result in tears. There may be some light bleeding the first time you have sex, but dont expect a scene from “The Shining. ” If you have a vagina, you may experience minor bleeding if your hymen stretches during penetration. And if anal canal tissue tears during anal penetration, mild rectal bleeding may occur. However, this typically doesnt produce enough blood to leave a mess on the sheets. Vaginal penetration isnt the only way that STIs are spread. STIs can also spread through anal penetration and oral stimulation, regardless of whether youre giving or receiving. Thats why its important to use condoms and other forms of protection each time, every time. Pregnancy is possible anytime there is vaginal penetration with a penis, even if its your first time. It can happen if a person with a penis ejaculates inside a vagina or outside, but near, the vaginal opening. Using a condom is your best way to prevent pregnancy. Orgasms arent always a guarantee, and theres a chance you may not climax the first time you have sex. That could happen for a number of reasons, including comfort levels and medical conditions. In fact, research suggests that 11 to 41 percent of people with a vagina have difficulty reaching orgasm with a partner. It isnt uncommon for a person with a penis to climax faster than they expected — or wanted — during sex. Studies show that premature ejaculation can affect as many as 1 out of 3 people. If you orgasm quickly each time you have sex, consider talking to a doctor. They may be able to prescribe medication or recommend other therapies. Conversely, its also possible that you may not experience an orgasm the first time you have sex, even if you ejaculate. You may find that youre unable to get or keep an erection firm enough for penetration. Although you may feel embarrassed or upset, know that occasional erectile dysfunction (ED) isnt uncommon. ED can happen for a number of reasons, such as stress and anxiety. And because this is the first time youre having sex, you may feel a lot of anxiety. If ED persists, you may find it helpful to talk to a doctor about your symptoms. Youre more likely to orgasm when youre comfortable with your body, your partner, and the experience as a whole. When youre comfortable, you become more receptive to sexual stimulation. In turn, youre more likely to feel pleasurable sensations throughout your body. And, throughout the course of sex, those feelings could build up into an orgasm. Dont get it wrong — orgasms are great! They cause waves of pleasure throughout your body that make you feel really good. But having an orgasm isnt always the point of sex. What matters most is that you and your partner are both comfortable and equally into the experience youre having. Dont ignore your own desires. If you have certain wants and needs, make sure to tell your partner — and vice versa. Its important to be open and honest about what youd like to happen the first time you have sex so that the experience is the best that it can be. No means no. Full stop. If theres something you arent comfortable with doing, you dont have to do it. Your partner doesnt have the right to coerce or force you into having sex —and vice versa. And this doesnt only apply to your first time — this goes for every time you have sex. If your partner says no, this isnt an invitation for you to keep asking. Asking someone to do something over and over in hopes that theyll give in is a form of coercion. You dont have to continue having sex if youre no longer comfortable or interested. You have the right to change your mind at any point. Again, your partner doesnt have the right to force or coerce you into continuing to have sex if you dont want to. You may feel pressure to have sex sooner than youre really ready to. Its important to remember that youre the only one who can decide when you want to have sex for the first time. If the timing feels off, thats OK. Wait until it feels right for you. Sex, like running, is a physical activity — and nothing more. It isnt the same thing as intimacy, love, romance, or an emotional bond. How you view sex, though, is a bit more complex. Some people may only have sex with partners whom they love, while others may have sex with no strings attached. In other words, you should make sure youre comfortable with that fact that youre having sex, and that the other person may not share any moral or emotional value you may place on the experience. Some people may have strong religious beliefs around sex. Others may not. Either way, you wont blemish your soul from having sex, nor will you forever be bound to your partner. In the end, sex is just that — sex. Its a normal, healthy activity that doesnt define or determine your moral or spiritual foundation. You and your partner both may be left asking new questions, such as “Do we have to do this every time we see each other? ”; “Is sex always going to be like that? ”; and “What does this mean for our relationship? ” Some of the answers may be complicated, but as you talk through these issues, make sure to remain open and honest about your feelings. The great thing about sex is that its a different experience every time. Your first time having sex may not live up to your expectations, but that doesnt mean the second, third, or fourth time will too. The type of sex you may or may not go on to have will depend on the partner, level of experience, willingness to try new things, and so much more. Your first time having sex doesnt have to be a one-and-done activity unless you choose so. If the experience isnt what you wanted or expected, you can always try again — and again, and again, and again. After all, as the saying goes: Practice makes perfect.

Sikkim-More Than What One know it. Being in love can be the most amazing thing in the world and as they say, there's no such thing as too much love. But if you've ever been in love with two people at the same time, you might not say the same. In some situations, being in love with more than one person is understood. For example, you're in an open relationship and this is something you've communicated with your partners about. But for those in monogamous relationships, being in love with more than one person may not be a good thing. But it definitely happens, and it can make you feel guilty, uncomfortable, and definitely confused. "A couple should never lie about growing attractions to someone else. relationship coach and therapist Anita Chlipala tells Bustle. "Secrecy fuels passion. A lie of omission is still a lie, so if a partner doesn't discuss a growing attraction, it can actually make their feelings and desire for this other person stronger. Nip it in the bud by saying, Hey, I have this weird crush on this person, can we talk about it? Because I know it's not real. Most people don't think they would ever cheat, and most don't go out intending to have an affair. They end up setting up their own stage for an affair by not talking about their feelings in the first place. But how do you know? How do you know your feelings are split between two people (or more) Here are seven signs you're in love with more than one person: 1. You Get Panicky When One Wants To Get More Serious Giphy If you're not fully invested in one person, then when that person starts to talk about the future or give you attention — and is very clearly focused just on you — it's going to feel weird. You'll probably feel panicky and uncomfortable, even if this is the person you're 'supposed' to be in love with. 2. You're Having The Day Dreams Giphy We all have a tendency to let our minds wander to the person we're in love with throughout the day. It's totally natural. But if your mind is wandering to two people, or even more, rather than to that same someone special over and over, it may be because you're feeling conflicted. The unconscious mind can tell you a lot. "My mother, my first and most prominent mentor, used to say, Smart people don't get bored, they get curious. which aligns with zen psychotherapy. zen psychotherapist and neuromarketing strategist Michele Paiva tells Bustle. "A Buddhist mind is a curious mind. I often tell my clients who state that they are bored, Please keep a child's mind in your relationship. Look inward to see if you are unhappy with yourself and creating a scapegoat in your relationship, and maybe you simply need to look within. Keep an eye on where your mind wanders and try to take that creativity and do something constructive for your relationship. 3. You're Having Sex Mixups Giphy Classic. Thinking about one person during sex when you're with another one in the heat of the moment is a common problem. Unfortunately, so is saying the other person's name. Try to avoid the latter. 4. You Think About One While With The Other Giphy If you're in love with two people, it might be that you're totally enraptured when you're with both of them. Or it can be that it never feels quite right, because the other person sneaks into your mind and you feel guilty. 5. Your Friends Are Confused About Who You Love Giphy I mean, you get to ask them the tough questions. If they can't give you a straight answer, it may just be that there's not a straight answer to give. 6. When Something Important Happens, You Don't Know Who To Call Giphy When there are big events — you get a new job, your dog dies, you find out about the new series of House of Cards — there's a knee jerk reaction to call your number one person. If you don't know who to go to first, then something may be out of line. It might be that you just get different things from different people, but if you have two people in mind and you feel guilty about calling one more than the other, there's some kind of conflict happening. 7. You Just Get ~That Feeling~ Giphy. about both of them. You know when you're in love. Well, at least you know when you're in lust or like or love or something that feels like it. That feeling. You know it, and you'll know it when you feel it, even if you're already feeling it about someone else. If you're not non-monogamous, then whether you're single or in a relationship, you could have a problem on your hands if you're in love with two people. Do some real soul searching ASAP to minimize the potential damage. It's not your fault that you're feeling this way, but how you handle it could be crucial. Images: Fotolia; Giphy (7.

Part of a series on Socrates " I know that I know nothing. The unexamined life is not worth living " gadfly   Trial of Socrates Eponymous concepts Socratic dialogue   Socratic intellectualism Socratic irony   Socratic method Socratic paradox   Socratic questioning Socratic problem   Socratici viri Disciples Plato   Xenophon Antisthenes   Aristippus   Aeschines Related topics Academic Skepticism   Megarians   Cynicism   Cyrenaics   Platonism   Aristotelianism   Stoicism   Virtue ethics   The Clouds Category v t e " I know that I know nothing " is a saying derived from Plato 's account of the Greek philosopher Socrates. It is also called the Socratic paradox. The phrase is not one that Socrates himself is ever recorded as saying. This saying is also connected or conflated with the answer to a question Socrates (according to Xenophon) or Chaerephon (according to Plato) is said to have posed to the Pythia, the Oracle of Delphi, in which the oracle stated something to the effect of "Socrates is the wisest. 1] Etymology [ edit] The phrase, originally from Latin. ipse se nihil scire id unum sciat. 2. is a possible paraphrase from a Greek text (see below. It is also quoted as " scio me nihil scire " or " scio me nescire. 3] It was later back-translated to Katharevousa Greek as. ἓν οἶδα ὅτι] οὐδὲν οἶδα. èn oîda óti] oudèn oîda. 4] In Plato [ edit] This is technically a shorter paraphrasing of Socrates' statement, I neither know nor think that I know" in Plato, Apology 21d. The paraphased saying, though widely attributed to Plato's Socrates in both ancient and modern times, actually occurs nowhere in Plato's works in precisely the form "I know that I know nothing. 5] Two prominent Plato scholars have recently argued that the claim should not be attributed to Plato's Socrates. [6] Evidence that Socrates does not actually claim to know nothing can be found at Apology 29b-c, where he claims twice to know something. See also Apology 29d, where Socrates indicates that he is so confident in his claim to knowledge at 29b-c that he is willing to die for it. That said, in the Apology, Plato relates that Socrates accounts for his seeming wiser than any other person because he does not imagine that he knows what he does not know. [7. ἔοικα γοῦν τούτου γε σμικρῷ τινι αὐτῷ τούτῳ σοφώτερος εἶναι, ὅτι ἃ μὴ οἶδα οὐδὲ οἴομαι εἰδέναι. I seem, then, in just this little thing to be wiser than this man at any rate, that what I do not know I do not think I know either. [from the Henry Cary literal translation of 1897] A more commonly used translation puts it, although I do not suppose that either of us knows anything really beautiful and good, I am better off than he is – for he knows nothing, and thinks that he knows. I neither know nor think that I know" from the Benjamin Jowett translation. Whichever translation we use, the context in which this passage occurs should be considered; Socrates having gone to a "wise" man, and having discussed with him, withdraws and thinks the above to himself. Socrates, since he denied any kind of knowledge, then tried to find someone wiser than himself among politicians, poets, and craftsmen. It appeared that politicians claimed wisdom without knowledge; poets could touch people with their words, but did not know their meaning; and craftsmen could claim knowledge only in specific and narrow fields. The interpretation of the Oracle's answer might be Socrates' awareness of his own ignorance. [8] Socrates also deals with this phrase in Plato's dialogue Meno when he says: 9] καὶ νῦν περὶ ἀρετῆς ὃ ἔστιν ἐγὼ μὲν οὐκ οἶδα, σὺ μέντοι ἴσως πρότερον μὲν ᾔδησθα πρὶν ἐμοῦ ἅψασθαι, νῦν μέντοι ὅμοιος εἶ οὐκ εἰδότι. [So now I do not know what virtue is; perhaps you knew before you contacted me, but now you are certainly like one who does not know. trans. G. M. A. Grube) Here, Socrates aims at the change of Meno's opinion, who was a firm believer in his own opinion and whose claim to knowledge Socrates had disproved. It is essentially the question that begins " post-Socratic " Western philosophy. Socrates begins all wisdom with wondering, thus one must begin with admitting one's ignorance. After all, Socrates' dialectic method of teaching was based on that he as a teacher knew nothing, so he would derive knowledge from his students by dialogue. There is also a passage by Diogenes Laërtius in his work Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers where he lists, among the things that Socrates used to say: 10. εἰδέναι μὲν μηδὲν πλὴν αὐτὸ τοῦτο εἰδέναι. or "that he knew nothing except that he knew that very fact (i. e. that he knew nothing. Again, closer to the quote, there is a passage in Plato's Apology, where Socrates says that after discussing with someone he started thinking that: 7] τούτου μὲν τοῦ ἀνθρώπου ἐγὼ σοφώτερός εἰμι κινδυνεύει μὲν γὰρ ἡμῶν οὐδέτερος οὐδὲν καλὸν κἀγαθὸν εἰδέναι, ἀλλ᾽ οὗτος μὲν οἴεταί τι εἰδέναι οὐκ εἰδώς, ἐγὼ δέ, ὥσπερ οὖν οὐκ οἶδα, οὐδὲ οἴομαι ἔοικα γοῦν τούτου γε σμικρῷ τινι αὐτῷ τούτῳ σοφώτερος εἶναι, ὅτι ἃ μὴ οἶδα οὐδὲ οἴομαι εἰδέναι. I am wiser than this man, for neither of us appears to know anything great and good; but he fancies he knows something, although he knows nothing; whereas I, as I do not know anything, so I do not fancy I do. In this trifling particular, then, I appear to be wiser than he, because I do not fancy I know what I do not know. It is also a curiosity that there is more than one passage in the narratives in which Socrates claims to have knowledge on some topic, for instance on love: 11] How could I vote 'No. when the only thing I say I understand is the art of love (τὰ ἐρωτικά) 12] I know virtually nothing, except a certain small subject – love (τῶν ἐρωτικῶν) although on this subject, I'm thought to be amazing (δεινός) better than anyone else, past or present [13] Alternative usage [ edit] Socratic paradox" may also refer to statements of Socrates that seem contrary to common sense, such as that "no one desires evil" 14] see Socratic paradoxes. See also [ edit] References [ edit] H. Bowden, Classical Athens and the Delphic Oracle: Divination and Democracy, Cambridge University Press, 2005, p. 82. ^ He himself thinks he knows one thing, that he knows nothing" Cicero, Academica, Book I, section 16. ^ A variant is found in von Kues, De visione Dei, XIII, 146 ( Werke, Walter de Gruyter, 1967, p. 312. hoc scio solum, quia scio me nescire [ sic. I know alone, that ( or because) I know, that I do not know. ^ Translatum: The Greek Translation Vortal – Topic: All I know is that I know nothing ^ Gail Fine, Does Socrates Claim to Know that He Knows Nothing. Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy vol. 35 (2008) pp. 49–88. ^ Fine argues that "it is better not to attribute it to him. Does Socrates Claim to Know that He Knows Nothing. Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy vol. 35 (2008) p. 51. C. W. Taylor has argued that the "paradoxical formulation is a clear misreading of Plato. Socrates, Oxford University Press 1998, p. 46. ^ a b Plato, Apology 21d. ^ Plato; Morris Kaplan (2009. The Socratic Dialogues. Kaplan Publishing. p. 9. ISBN   978-1-4277-9953-1. ^ Plato, Meno 80d1–3. ^ Diogenes Laërtius II. 32. ^ Cimakasky, Joseph J... All of a Sudden: The Role of Ἐξαίφνης in Plato's Dialogues. Doctor of Philosophy Dissertation. Duquesne University. 2014. ^ Plato. Symposium, 177d-e. ^ Plato. Theages, 128b. ^ Terence Irwin, The Development of Ethics, vol. 1, Oxford University Press 2007, p. 14; Gerasimos Santas, The Socratic Paradoxes" Philosophical Review 73 (1964) pp. 147–64. External links [ edit] Quotations related to Socrates at Wikiquote.

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