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The Beatles years are dealt with brilliantly - great insights from Kircherr and Voorman about the Hamburg days and the film skips nicely along through '63. 67 inter-cut with great interviews and music. The '67. 70 years are also dealt with really well, dealing with Pepper, White Album and the eventual breakup. Some of McCartney and Starr's interviews are really insightful.

George Harrison: Living in the Material World, Putlocker. George Harrison: Living in the Material World (2011. Just sat through the cinema screening tonight (4th October 2011. First of all, it's a really well put together piece - it basically covers every facet of Harrison's life in great detail - there's hardly any aspect of his career that's not mentioned.


Watch George Harrison: Living in the Material World Free.


The film starts off brilliantly with pictures of 1940s wartime with the soundtrack of All Things Must Pass. It's a great start and sets the scene of what's to come. There's also some really cool, previously unseen footage of Harrison and McCartney signing the legal papers (looks like circa '71 judging by McCartney's hair) and there's also a film of the early Beatles gigging at some sort of church hall (circa '59.